General Job Qualifications for Common Jobs

General Job Qualifications for Common Jobs


From accountancy and auditing to the consultancy and cartography, we are bringing some general job requirements and qualifications for you. You will get to know what job might go well with you in accordance with your qualification and skills.


Auditor performs internal and external risk and financial audits of public and private sector organizations. There are channels into the auditing career for both school leavers and university graduates alike. However, routes vary depending on your aim for internal or external audit. For external auditing, auditors must qualify the chartered accountancy first in conjunction with the professional accounting body. For internal auditing, auditors do not need to have chartered accountancy qualification. Graduates may possess the degree in whichever discipline but major subjects like accountancy, IT, and economics are beneficial. School leavers may join this profession by beginning as the trainee auditor.


You cannot call you’re an architect unless you have a related degree. The “Architect” is one of the protected titles that can only be employed by the qualified professionals having registered with ARB i.e., Architect’s Registration Board. No conversion courses are available for the students of other disciplines who want the conversion to the architecture studies; they must have to start from the starting.


Cartography involves the study of designs, production, and distribution of conventional and digital maps, spreadsheets, diagrams, and charts for commercial and public sectors. There is a wide range of disciplines to enter into this profession. These involve earth sciences, marine sciences, computer science, geography, geology, geochemistry, geophysics, civil engineering, and soft engineering. Graduates holding qualifications in cartography, photogrammetry, GIS, and remote sensing are generally at the advantage.

Environmental Health Officer

Environmental health officers are responsible for monitoring, upholding, and protecting health and environmental standards in accordance with current legislation. With the advancement in technology, the health of the environment is constantly getting corrupted. To cope with this trouble, environmental health education is getting admired with passing time. They have to obtain the environmental health degree approved by the Chartered Institute and have to complete the evaluation of professional development. Students from other scientific disciplines can make the entry to this occupation by completing the postgraduate environmental health prerequisite.

Food Science
Food scientists employ technological principles and scientific expertise to the study of foodstuffs and processes within research and manufacturing settings. Food science is getting very popular these days. A graduate degree in related subjects such as food engineering, food sciences, food technology, chemical engineering, microbiology, biochemistry, chemistry, or nutrition is necessary. Having food-related postgraduate prerequisite is advantageous, mainly for the students without related first degree.


A consultant is responsible for improving the company’s profile or position by solving its problems, managing changes, and improving efficiency. This profession is open to all the general graduates but students with MBA qualification are at the advantage. Other degrees include economics, mathematics, business, and statistics, etc. Larger employers and recruiters run placements and vocation courses which give the constructive insight into this line of work. Competition for graduate posts is usually tough, so an internship may increase your chances to get allocated.